IMG 4166 IMG 4167 IMG 4161 IMG 4162
IMG 4163 IMG 4164 IMG 4165 IMG 4168
IMG 4169  Will be rebuilding the dead clock with a Quartz kit. That's twice I've had to rebuild factory clocks! IMG 4170  Ordered new lense panel. These are fogged and scarred with no way to fix. New lenses are crap from what I hear (wavy lenses) but don't have any other option. Bummer. Maybe that was old rumor and the latest ones will be perfect. LOL, right! IMG 4171  The plastic chrome on these two upper A/C dash vents are trashed, so new ones are on the way. IMG 4172
IMG 4174  Not too happy with the rattle can paint job (base/satin clear). It would be just 'OK' like this, but can do a better job with my paint gun and catalyzed paint.