2015_01_12 Rustproofing and canister

IMG 3697  I picked up some 3/4" hole plugs and saw to spray rustproofing inside some panels. This is the dreaded birdcage area. IMG 3698  Here's the result using the Eastwood Internal Frame Coating. IMG 3699  Plug the hole with a plastic cap. I'll look at it again in 40 years to see if it worked... IMG 3700  Same drill (yep, a pun) on the passenger side.
IMG 3701  And the results... IMG 3702  Here's the spray coating. If you don't go through an entire can be sure to clean out the flex wand. IMG 3704  You can see the flex wand reached way into the abiss. IMG 3706  Driver's side headlight vacuum canister. What a bitch it was finding one that wasn't all scratched up. This one had very mild forming marks but no deep gouges like most of the cheap China crap our glorious Corvette retailer's are poking us in the eye with. This has been clear coated with Glisten PC and will never lose it's appearance.
IMG 3707  Another shot of the vacuum canister clear coated with Glisten PC. If you've never used that stuff you'll be amazed. It flows to a smooth finish using a brush and it dries as hard as a rock.