IMG 3591 IMG 3592 IMG 3593 IMG 3594
IMG 3595 IMG 3596 IMG 3597 IMG 3598
IMG 3599 IMG 3600 IMG 3614 IMG 3601  Running some vacuum valve checks using this pump.
IMG 3602  The is the primary vacuum hose leading to the interior vacuum control rotary switch. IMG 3603  Vacuum rotary switch for the various vent, heat and A/C positions. IMG 3604 IMG 3605  Installing Ensolite on top of the Rammat BXT II..
IMG 3606  This ensolite is thin enough to use anywhere. IMG 3607 IMG 3608  Rammat and Ensolite finished for this part of the project. IMG 3610  Decided to add some heat and sound protection directly on the rubber boot under the shift lever. Here's some Rammat BXT II going in.
IMG 3611 IMG 3612  Placed Ensolite on top of the mat. This should make a huge difference to heat/sound transfer from the tranny to the shifter console. IMG 3613