2014_03_31 Carb n Windshield stops

IMG 2872  Brake booster fitting for the rear of a Qjet. IMG 2871  Brake booster fitting part info. IMG 2873  Brake booster fitting part info. IMG 2874  Brake booster fitting part info just because I had yet another pic!
IMG 2870  This was the correct part for my Qjet gas inlet fitting. IMG 2867  Here you can see the worn sealing surface on the right compared to the new one. IMG 2868 IMG 2869
IMG 2883  Brake booster vacuum fitting. IMG 2884  Inlet fitting and gas line installed. IMG 2885 IMG 2886  Brake booster tube installed.
IMG 2887  Nuther brake booster tube pic. See how it attached to the accelerator cable clamp. IMG 2888  I suppose this doesn't point directly at the brake booster vacuum fitting for a reason... IMG 2875  Windshield stops totally exposed to the elements, so that's why they didn't want to use stainless steel. lol IMG 2876  So it's only a couple more rusty parts to restore, right?
IMG 2877  And here's the finished project. IMG 2878  Hey, I didn't say the finished project was from my hard work. IMG 2879  Another shot IMG 2880  And yet another shot. Well guess what, these aren't made for a Corvette, but they're almost identical.
IMG 2881  If you can't find the 'correct' windshield stops for your project, these will work. IMG 2882  Gee, I hope I have them in the right location... I will be pulling these back off to coat them.